The Supporters Investment Fraternity

Investing in the future… the guiding light to better wellbeing and support by empowering the youth of Port Stephens LGA  to improve their health and wellbeing .

February 15th 2022

12.00 pm to at least 4.00pm

Join us for a fundraising Event to underwrite the future of the at risk 1 in 4 of the 12 to 21 year old's and their families living across the Port Stephens LGA .

We look forward to seeing you at the Shoal Bay Country Club Greek Restaurant, ATMOS in casual attire.

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The journey:

This invitation will allow you to book and buy your exclusive tickets on the next flight to Jupiter allowing you to invest in the future of the Port Stephens 12 to 21 year old's and their families .

As the first step join with and enjoy the company of  likeminded philanthropic people for this Lunch where you will enjoy multi courses of authentic Greek food washed down with the Hunter Regions finest wines and be inspired by a few enthralling celebrity speakers .

Key note speaker John Eales, Enthralling celebrity speakers, Nic Newling of The Champions, Melissa Histon – "The 2020/21 Urban Inspirational Woman of the Year" and jupiter Ambassadors.

The opportunity to enhance the lives of young people aged 12 to 21 living in the Port Stephens area.


Support vulnerable youth in your community

Jupiter relies on the amazing generosity of people who genuinely care, to save the lives of young people lost in the dark.



  • The Shoal Bay Country Club.
  • Wine Selectors.
  • Tinkler Usher Wines – Mt Pleasant – Tullochs – Bimbadgeon 

Learn how jupiter is helping change lives

Listen to inspirational and heat warming tales about jupiter’s journey towards making a real difference in the lives of young people in Port Stephens.